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Sunday, 13 July 2014

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Sony has been performing well in the smartphone market with the Xperia series of devices. The devices have been very well designed and are being sold in various price ranges. The latest flagship from Sony is the Xperia Z1. The Sony Xperia Z1 is considered one of the best Android smartphones ever made , equal only to the likes of HTC One and the Nexus 5. The device has a elegant design coupled with great functionality. Even though Sony has done a good job with the device , Android is not that amazing in the device. So if you are probably one of those people who is not satisfied with the Android flavor from Sony , you should consider flashing a Custom ROM. There are a lot of Custom ROMs available for the device and choosing the right one can be a tough task. So today at TechAudible we have compiled a list of Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia Z1.

Xperia Z1


Before installing a Custom ROM there are various factors you need to be sure of. The Xperia Z1 comes with a locked bootloader. So before you go ahead and flash a ROM you need to make sure that the phone is rooted and the bootloader is unlocked. It is also always advised that you save a Backup of the files in your device and also a Nandroid backup just in case things were to go wrong.

1. iHacker ROM

The ROM is based on Android 4.3 . The ROM is Deodexed and all the Applications have been Zipaligned. The ROM is rooted and has BusyBox installed and supports all the variants of Xperia Z1. Various features like Advanced Menu , Full Screen Toggle and Screenshot have been integrated into the ROM.Long Press on Back Button on Navigation Bar Kills the Forground Application. The various bloatware you get with the device have been done away with . The ROM  also has nifty features like Call Recording , Voicemail .
You can download the ROM from the link - iHacker for Xperia Z1.

2.CyanogenMod 11

If you want to add KitKat flavour to your Xperia z1 then go no further than CM 11. CyanogenMod has been one of the best ROMs available for any device. They are very quick with updates and people using Nexus devices too prefer CM. The ROM has issues with the camera if you do not have a unlocked bootloader. The CM 11 for Xperia Z1 gives the device the much needed clean Vanilla Android interface. Installation of CM 11 is as you flash any other ROM . You can download CM 11 from this link – CM11 for Xperia Z1.

3. PAC-Man ROM

The three most desired Custom ROMs are – CyanogenMod , AOKP and Paranoid Android. What PAC-Man ROM does is blend the best features from these three major ROMs. The ROM has features like SmartDial and the much loved Active Display from the Moto X. The ROM is based on Android 4.3 as of now but a update build is expected in near future. You can download the ROM from this link – PACMAN ROM for Xperia Z1.

We hope we helped you decide the Best ROM for you . Have a great experience with your Sony Xperia Z1 . Thanks for reading our list of Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia Z1.


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