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Friday, 11 July 2014

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 Today we will learn  How to Root Sony Xperia Z2 on Android 4.4.2. It is the latest flagship of Android Smartphone from Sony which was officially announced in February and was one of the most awaited smartphone since, finally was released in March 2014. The expectations were too high and Sony maintained its promise by offering  awesome specifications in terms of hardware along with Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat. At present Xperia Z2 is a pure competitor of other Smartphone giants. Well  let us talk about our main topic for now, that is, how to gain root access on Xepria Z2. As we all believe that Developers are a way ahead from the stock Os manufacturers in rotting a phone, building custom roms, tweaking…etc. Similarly this time the xda member, DooMLoRD made it possible to root Xperia Z2 with Unlocked Bootloader, “Thanks Sir!”. To successfully gain root access we need to  learn how to flash ClockworkMod Recovery and then we will root Sony Xperia z2. Note that this rooting tutorial is 100% safe and working tested by many just follow the easy and simple step-by-step guide to make it posible….Nuffsaid…!


  • A windows based PC.
  • Sony Xperia Z2 running Android 4.4.2 KitKat (17.1.A.2.36 – v01)
  • An unlocked Bootloader,  (If not follow the Official Guide Here).
  • Make a backup of your important Data because Unlocking Bootloader wipes Data.
  • Make sure to Enable ‘USB Debugging’ from phone Settings>Developers Options.
  • At least charge your phone up to 60%.
  • Download & install the Fastboot drivers From HERE.
  • Also download the Advance Stock Kernel withRecovery From HERE.
  • Keep the Downloaded files on Desktop of your PC.

How to Flash Clock work Mod Recovery on Sony Xperia Z2 On Android 4.4.2

In this guide we will first flash the requiredClockWorkMod Recovery using the fastboot commands on a Windows based Pc(Make sure to have Admin account) and once we are on a customrecovery we just need to flash the root package from the phone easily.
Step 1: Download the above mentioned required files to your PC and keep them in a safe and easy to access folder on your PC.
Step 2: Extract/Unrar the android.rar file on your desktop (It contains the fastboot drivers).
Step 3: The Advance Stock Kernel will be named as the “Z2_DooMLoRD_AdvStkKernel_FW-4.4.2_17.1.A.2.36.img”, Simply rename this file torecovery.img and move it to the android folder that you just extracted in step 2 as below,
root-xperia-z2-fastboot drivers
Step 4: Now connect your Sony Xperia Z2 to PC via the USB data cable and wait for the drivers to load and let your Pc recognise the Device.
Step 5: Open the Android folder containing (adb fastboot driver), Hold the Shift Key+Right Click, in the folder and select the “Open command window here” as below,
Step 6: You will be prompted with a “Command Window(like below)” just copy/paste or type the below mentioned commands(in step 7 & 8) one-by-one hitting enter after each one.
Step 7: Below is the command to flash Advance Stock kernel/Recover on Xperia Z2 just type it in Command window and hit enter.
fastboot flash boot recovery.img
Step 8: Wait for a few seconds and the Command window will Flash Custom Recovery on your device, on the completion of Successful flashing  type the below given command to Reboot the device and move on to the next guide for flashing the root package.
fastboot reboot
Congratzz you just flashed a Custom recovery on your Xperia Z2, now move on to the below guide to flash the rooting package using the installed CWM (clockworkmod). 

How to flash SuperSU & Root Sony Xperia Z2

Step 1: Download the Rooting Package of SuperSU from HERE.
Step 2: Now transfer the SuperSU zip package to your phone’s SD Card.
Step 3: Next, we need to enter the CWM Recoveryon the device. Here is how to enter it:
  • Turn  off your phone.
  • Now turn on your phone and when you see the ‘Sony logo’ and the LED light turns pink keep pressing ‘Volume Up/+’ key until the recoverymenu comes up.
Step 3: Once you are into the RecoveryMode/ClockWorkMod, Simply select the ‘Install zip from sd card’ option, proceedingly browse and select SuperSU zip file from the location where you’ve placed it in your SD card in ‘Step 2′.
Step 4: Confirm to flash with the help of volume up/down keys and power button to select.
Step 5: The SuperSU package will be flashed in a second or two, when successfully flushed move on to Reboot option in the Recovery using Volume keys and hit power button to confirm Reboot.
Congratzz…you just Rooted your  Sony Xperia Z2 with the most quickest and safest way.
To confirm the Root Access Simply install Root Checker App from Playstore & and run it to verify root access. Head on to try flashing Custom Roms, installing Apps that require Root access, And get the most out of your Android Smartphone.


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