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Saturday, 12 July 2014

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Moto X
Moto X2/Moto X+
Motorola surprised everyone after its first phone developed completely under Google’s stewardship turned out to be pretty great. The Moto X didn’t strive to have the best specs or the most hip marketing, but it offered one of the most refined and clever user experiences on Android. The follow up, possibly called Moto X2 or Moto X+, will determine whether or not Motorola continues to be relevant as a Lenovo company.
The specs of this phone are still an unknown, but Motorola has more room to improve on the hardware seeing as the Moto X was on the modest side. There’s no reason Moto can’t step it up to a quad-core processor and a 1080p screen this time. The Moto X was snappy and the screen was certainly good enough, but it might learn more cool software tricks with the right hardware.
The clean build of Android with awesome features like touchless control and active display will likely return, as will the price. Motorola has said its days of selling $600 phones are over. Expect the Moto X2 (or whatever they call it) to come in at a more reasonable off-contract price when it’s announced late this summer or early fall.


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