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Sunday, 20 July 2014

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The Desire 500 is a great-looking phone. It's a slim handset with bevelled edges and a slightly raised screen, which together give it a chiselled, defined look. Our test handset was the Glacier Blue model, with a white back and metallic turquoise around the sides and surrounding the camera lens. We're fans of this colour scheme, but there's also a more restrained black model available. Whichever colour you choose, you'll have a phone which is both slimmer and more stylish than pretty much any budget handset out there.DISPLAYThe Desire 500 may look top-drawer,but its specification is more modest. The screen, for example, is an 800x480-pixel model, which was fairly standard for a phone this price until the Moto G came along with its 1,280x720 display. Android looks fine at this resolution, but it's not ideal for desktop-mode web pages; you can read headlines fine, but you have to zoom in to decipher smaller text. The display is reasonable, with clean whites and no colour tinge, butit's not particularly inspiring. Most text is grey rather than black, and colours lack punch.CHIPSET AND BENCHMARKSThe phone has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, which is standard for the price, and 1GB RAM, which is the minimum we'd expect on an Android handset. The phone is generally a reasonable performer. It’s not quite as slick when going back and forth to the app tray as the Moto G, possibly due to some overhead from HTC's Sense interface, but it's quick enough to be perfectly usable.It's a slim


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